Why do we throw Confetti?

Traditions of throwing Confetti

The word ‘Confetti’ originates from Italy and it relates to the sweets of the same name. These sweets were sugared Almonds which were gifted to guests to thank them for celebrating their special day. These are still given to this day as a traditional favour.

As early as the 14th Century people started throwing Confetti over the new couple to bestow prosperity and fertility in their new life together. It was thanks to the Victorians who popularised the use of paper confetti on your wedding day rather than using the traditional rice, fruit or even coins!

More recently couples are opting to throw flower petals or biodegradable substitutes to be environmentally minded. Blowing bubbles as the couple walk by have also become a popular way to celebrate unions.

However you choose to use this beautiful tradition on your wedding day it really does make for some amazing memories.

Throw kindness around like Confetti